What should you keep in mind when making long car trips?

What should you keep in mind when making long car trips?

It doesn’t matter if it’s children, teenagers or parents, everyone longs for relaxation and a change of scenery. Everyone in the family is looking forward to the holiday. Before this happens, an unpleasant task often follows the long road.

This is a challenge for all drivers in particular, but long distances in the car are also tiring for children, babies, or pregnant women. In this case, everyone should do their best. But this doesn’t just apply to holiday travel.

You also need to consider Badger Maps. Family visits or business trips sometimes involve long trips. In the following guide, we offer many tips for long car journeys so that you can reach your destination relaxed.

Set the itinerary

Get an overview of the planned route. If you want to plan a vacation, you should read showtickets com reviews before making a decision. To do this, consider the following:

  1. What alternative routes can you take?
  2. Is the planned route affected by construction sites?
  3. Where are good places to rest or spend the night?
  4. Do you have to pay fees for certain sections of the route?
  5. What are the speed limits abroad?
  6. At what times of the day is the planned route heavily used?
  7. Are updates installed on your navigation device?

Is your car ready to go?

To ensure that there are no unplanned accidents with your car during the Auto Marathon, you should perform a thorough check of your car a few days before you start your journey. Preparing for a long journey also means putting your vehicle to the test. To be safe, hand over the maintenance of your garage.

Pack the right snacks

If you have a long way to go, you should also consider the right arrangements. Eat high-fiber foods. Wholemeal bread sandwiches or muesli bars keep the driver satisfied for a long time and give you a good amount of energy. Fresh fruits and vegetables give you plenty of vitamins so you can focus on driving. Eating in the car is especially important when traveling by car with small children.

Long distances on the highway or long traffic jams can be tiring for offspring. With a picnic in the car, you manage to make the little ones happy. Plan meals that will surely please your children. Many advise you not to eat behind the wheel. So take your meals on breaks if you have to make a long business trip alone by car. If your stomach growls, you should put snacks in the car that you don’t have to open for a long time and that are easy to eat with one hand.

Take breaks while driving

A good night’s sleep before a long journey is essential. But to counteract the fatigue of the day trip, breaks are important.

These indicators tell you as a driver when you are tired:

  • Frequent yawning.
  • You start to freeze.
  • Your eyes are starting to burn.
  • You have heavy eyelids.
  • You become restless and feel the need to move.

If you or your passenger notice these signs, it’s time to take a break. After endless miles on the Autobahn, microsleep is one of the biggest risks. If you are traveling with a partner and children, parents traveling with children should look for activities outside the car so that drivers can rest or sleep.

Tip: Usually, take a break every 2 hours or after about 200 miles. The break should also take at least 20 minutes to half an hour to produce the necessary recovery effect.

What should you look for when traveling with a child?

Long car journeys are very unusual for babies. So try to make the long journey as comfortable and safe as possible for your child.

  • Use a child safety seat so that you can secure your child securely in the car.
  • If possible, drive at a steady speed and avoid fast driving.
  • With a high safety margin, avoid jerky braking.
  • Plan lots of breaks so you can keep up with your baby’s eating habits.


A long road is not always pleasant. But if you want to go on holiday by car, you often can’t avoid this plan. However, there are many tips and ideas for long car trips to make them bearable for everyone involved. Good preparation is everything. It will make your journey easier once you become reasonably familiar with the itinerary.

After a thorough inspection of the vehicle in the workshop, you can get behind the wheel with a clear conscience. It should also take care of your physical well-being with delicious food. It is important to rest well in the evening before the long journey and not to start the journey tired.